Filling cavities

Filling cavities. Contrary to appearances, restorations that require the use of appropriately colored materials are very difficult, as close as possible to the old fabric, because the old staining changes significantly over time, które głównie ·

Fabric lamination

Fabric lamination. A related method to the described foil mirroring is lamination (one thing- or bilaterally) weakened fabric thermoplastic synthetic film, blending with the preserved object. Możliwości sklejania są bardzo różne ·

Synthetic binders, part 1

Synthetic binders. In conservation studios, in which duplication by sewing was abandoned, semi-synthetic binders began to be used, such as cellulose derivatives (methylcellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose), e.g.. Tylosa (prod. Hoechst-Kalle), Klucel (prod. Hercules) a ·

Natural binders, part 2

The individual components fulfill the following tasks:

1) starch (wheat flour) and gelatin give the adhesive properties of the binder and protect the fibers of the mirrored fabric, making it difficult for oxygen to access them, i po części zmniejszają szkodliwe ·