Unread books, part 2

I remember, as I used to give lessons to the president of the company, who wanted to tidy up his office. Its shelves were filled with titles with complicated names, what can be expected from the president of the company, od takich klasyków jak ·

Book storage, part 1

Lay out all the books on the floor. Once you've got the clothes out, time to go to the books. Books are one of those things, which are the hardest to get rid of. Lots of people talking, że nie mogą się ·

Seasonal clothes, part 2

This approach suits my clients very well, especially since they can easily find it, what they need. There is no need to use any complicated technique. It is enough to arrange clothes based on the principle, że ubrania ·

Seasonal clothes, part 1

Don't keep your off-season clothes separate. June is the rainy season in Japan. It's also time for koromogae, so changing clothes for summer. Kilka tygodni wcześniej zaczyna się pakowanie i układanie ·

Socks storage part 2

Let's start with that, how to fold pantyhose. If they are tied, first untangle them and lay them flat. The fingers should rest on top of each other, and the whole tights folded in half lengthwise. Next ·

Socks storage part 1

Treat socks and tights with respect. Have you ever thought, that you are doing something good, but then you found out, that it hurt someone? W tamtym czasie nie pomyślałaś o uczuciach ·