Which books to keep? cz.2

I was going to copy the sentences into the notebook, which inspired me. In time, I would have a personal collection of wisdom. It will be interesting to read it in the future and follow the path, which my interests have led me to. Full of enthusiasm, I found my favorite notebook and started my project. I started by highlighting these passages, which I wanted to rewrite. I titled my notebook and started rewriting. However, I realized quickly, it's a very absorbing job. Rewriting takes time, and if I wanted to be able to read these sentences in the future, this handwriting should be careful. Rewriting 10 quotes from one book took me at least half an hour, and that was an optimistic assumption. Think about it, that I would repeat this process with 40 books, it made me dizzy.

The next idea was to make a photocopy. I wanted to copy the fragments of interest to me and paste them into my notebook. I thought, that it will be faster and easier. But it turned out to be an even more arduous task. Finally, I decided to take the pages of interest to me from the book. Pasting separate pages into the notebook was also monotonous, so I simplified the whole process and put them on a T-shirt. It only took me five minutes to book – I was able to get rid of it this way 40 books and keep the passages that interest me. I was extremely pleased with the results. Two years after applying the "excess reduction method", it dawned on me. Not once did I look into my briefcase, I created. All these efforts were only to ease my conscience.

Recently I have noticed, that the fewer books I have, the more efficiently I absorb the information I read. I am able to recognize, which information will be useful to me. Many of my clients, especially these, who got rid of a significant amount of books and papers, also confirmed a similar regularity. When books are involved, time is an indicator of their usefulness. The right time to read a given book is in the moment, where you come across it. I advise you to keep a small collection of books, and you will not miss such moments.