Which books to keep? cz.1

My library currently has approx 30 books, but in the past it was difficult for me to part with them, because I love books. The first time I sorted them based on this, whether something is a source of joy for me or not, there are approx 100 position. Even though it's not a shocking number, I had a feeling, that I can reduce it even more. One day I decided to take a closer look at it, what do i own. I started with books, which I absolutely could not throw away. In my case, Alice in Wonderland was first on the list, I have returned to many times since primary school. Such books, that could be included in your personal pantheon of fame, it is easy to identify. Then I looked at the books, which made me happy, but I wouldn't place them in the pantheon of fame. Belonging to this category may change over time, but I do include books, I want to keep right now. At that time, it was the Art of Giving Up Things, which opened my eyes to cleaning, although today I don't have it anymore. Books, that bring so much joy, also you can stop.

The hardest thing to decide, what about the books, which give you moderate pleasure, but whose fragments touched your heart, and which you may wish to read. These are the hardest to get rid of. Although I didn't feel any particular pressure, to get rid of them, I also couldn't ignore the fact, that they gave me moderate pleasure. I was looking for a way to do this, How could I part with them without regrets and finally come up with something, what I called the "excess reduction method". As I realized, that I didn't want to keep the book itself, and remember certain passages, I decided to keep it, what's necessary, and discard the rest.