Wax stains

A wax stain. Hardened wax must be removed. Place folded napkins and a sheet of wrapping paper on both sides of the stain, then press it down with a warm iron. Repeat as long, until no more dissolved wax appears on the napkins. You can also spread the fabric over the sink and pour boiling water over the stain from a certain height, which will dissolve and rinse the wax. Be careful, so as not to burn yourself.

Apply a cloth with a dry cleaning liquid or a similar solvent to the remaining oily residue, spreading the stain on the folded towel, then wash the fabric in the usual way.
Wax stains are removed from linen cloth, by rubbing vegetable oil into them. Remove excess oil with a clean cloth and wash the entire fabric as usual. If there is a lot of wax, you have to scratch it, and then tuck the fabric between the layers of paper towels and press it down with a warm iron.

A good way to remove wax from fabrics or carpets is to rub a little spirit. The wax then crumbles easily and leaves almost no stains.

To remove wax from the carpet, put an ice cube on top of it, that it harden and can be removed. Clean the stain with a chemical cleaning liquid. Allow to dry and vacuum.

Remove as much hardened wax as possible, cover the rest with a couple of napkins and press down with a hot iron. Change the napkins and repeat the treatment. It takes so long, until the paper has absorbed all the wax. The dye from the colored candle may leave a stain; it must be moistened with carbon tetrachloride (if the rug is not gummed). Otherwise, make a paste of starch, talc or corn starch and dry cleaning fluid. Rub into the fleece and remove with a vacuum cleaner when dry.

Wax can be removed from polished furniture without scratching the surface, if it is hard and brittle. To do this, put ice cubes in a plastic bag and place them on the wax stain 2-3 minutes. Then wrap the blade of the grease knife with a piece of soft cloth and gently scrape off the wax. Erase the traces with a damp cloth and rub with soap. Wipe with a clean cloth and polish as usual.