♦ Dirty items should not be stored tightly packed and out of air, mold stains may appear on them. Before washing, you need to sort the laundry by color (light and dark), and then – according to the recommended washing temperature, type of fabric, etc.. Colored clothes may dye, therefore they must be washed separately the first time.

♦ If there is a safety tag on the new garment, e.g.. "Wash separately", "Dyes", "Do not iron" or "Finished fabric (finishing)”, it was probably used in its production of chemicals. The remains of the dye and impregnation can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin, such as itching, redness and rash. Therefore, new clothes, which we will wear directly on the skin, must be washed.

Stains should be removed before washing.

♦ Before washing, pull the pockets inside out, undo buttons and zippers.

♦ Delicate, We wash colorful and patterned fabrics in mild detergents. They must also not be soaked in water with powder or dried in the sun or on a radiator.

♦ Powders (or liquids) for washing with a brightener, bleach or softener are harmful to the environment. Therefore, they should be used as rarely as possible.

♦ Dyed white underwear can be "saved", using commercially available decolorizers or soak in fresh milk and leave for so long, until the milk turns sour and curdles, then rinse with clean water and wash.

Contact your local water utility for information on the hardness of tap water.

♦ Yellowed linen will regain color, if we soak it in a soda solution before washing (1-2 tablespoons of baking soda on 10 liters of water). Another method is to mix washing powder with stain remover salt (chemical stores) or with a packet of baking powder. Using salt to remove stains, follow the instructions on the packaging.

♦ You can also soak the garment in a decolorizing agent (chemical stores), and then rinse or wash it according to the instructions on the package. By using a decolorizing agent, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

♦ Lace bras and briefs, with yellow stains that are difficult to remove, can be refreshed with a suitable fabric paint (chemical stores).

Drying clothes

♦ Clothes hung with a hanger in the air on a string can easily fall off. To prevent this, hang the garment on two hangers folded together – each one in a different direction.

Drying clothes on a string costs much less than in a dryer or washer-dryer.