Washed handkerchief

Sometimes we throw clothes into the washing machine with empty pockets. As a result, after washing, dark clothes may be whole in white pieces of frayed handkerchiefs, etc.. To remove them, you need to soak a linen handkerchief in a fabric softener and put it in the dryer together with the clothes you clean. Switch the dryer on 5 minutes to medium temperature. Most of the mechanical impurities will be caught by the filter, and the rest must be cleaned with a clothes brush.

The fluff and lint are removed from clothing, by patiently cleaning it with a damp cloth or clothes brush, which induces static electricity, when it is pulled tightly across the fabric, and collects all the crumbs on itself.
However, lint contamination of the clothes can be avoided, following the rules below:

  • Do not wash dark items with whites or light colors.
  • Before washing, turn over and clean all pockets and cuffs. Brush thoroughly. These are places, where all the lint accumulate the most and where they come out during washing.
  • Napkins and clothes, towels, nappies and washable rugs are common items, that fray easily. So you have to wash them separately, not combining with other products.
  • Wash with plenty of water. Do not put too much in the washing machine at once. Rinse well.
  • Products made of synthetic materials are washed inside out.