Removing stains and dirt - Leather

Removing stains and dirt - Leather

Leather items or upholstery are cleaned with a damp cloth with a special olive soap for leather products. Cracking of the leather is prevented by polishing it from time to time with vinegar and linseed oil (in proportion 1:2).

Cover the white water spots on the skin with a thick layer of petroleum jelly and leave it there for a few days. Wipe with a soft cloth. The petroleum jelly and hairspray will also remove pen marks from the skin.

Sheepskin coats, rugs, car seats etc.. sheepskin leather, it is better to dry clean in a specialized laundry.

If we want to clean such an article at home, and the fur is not too dirty, this can be done with a carpet cleaning powder; you should sprinkle it on the fur and rub it well with your fingers. You should not regret the powder, because it absorbs grease and dirt. The skin must then be rolled up and placed in a plastic bag. Leave it on 12 hours, then take it out of the bag, wipe or vacuum, to remove the powder. The hair must be brushed or combed and shaken again, before the fur is reused.

Some fur items can be washed in water. In this case, you must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions. Never use hot water, and choose a windy day for drying, let the fur dry quickly. Drying in an electric dryer, it should be set to the lowest possible temperature.

Patent leather
Varnished skin is wiped with a cloth moistened with vinegar, and then wipes dry clean, with a soft cloth.