The cause of the stain

Before proceeding with removing the stain, it should be carefully determined the reason for its creation. Of course, if we know the origin of the stain, the difficulty of letting it out will be much less.

Under the influence of high temperature, air and light change the stain's chemical composition, which makes it even more difficult to recognize. Especially when ironing with a hot iron, the stain structure changes significantly. Therefore, this method can only be used on wax or stearin stains, but it is not the most perfect way, because when ironing through the tissue paper, however, most of the wax soaks into the tissue paper, the rest, however, remain in the fabric. Therefore, after removing the stain by ironing, remove the wax residues from the fabric with a solvent. A common view, as if the grease stain could be removed by ironing the fabric with a hot iron through the tissue paper, it is absolutely false. Due to the high temperature of ironing, the fat contained in the stain is dissolved, which penetrates the fabric more easily. In addition, the fatty substance is chemically transformed at high temperatures, as a result, stain removal becomes even more difficult.

It must be emphasized once again, always remove the stain as soon as possible, for when the staining substance is known and has not yet dried, and thus - it did not penetrate too deeply into the substrate, then the stain removal will be easy and no traces will be left on the fabric.