Tar stains

A tar stain. Immediately, use a knife to remove as much tar as possible. Spread the stained area over a thick tissue backing and tap the stain with a toothbrush dipped in eucalyptus oil. When the wipes get dirty, put new ones. Finally, spread the fabric over the plate, pour more eucalyptus oil on the stain and continue tapping the brush or gently scrape the stained area with a grease knife. Dry the fabric with a cloth and rinse the plate. Repeat as long, until the tar no longer stains the oil.

If there is no eucalyptus essential oil, turpentine may be used, carbon tetrachloride or dry cleaning fluid.

Dried tar. It should be softened with heated olive oil, unfolding the stained area on the napkin backing. Then proceed like this, as stated above, using eucalyptus oil as a solvent.

Rub the remaining stain with the detergent, wash off and rinse under running water, so hot, how can you stand. Yellow trail, which may possibly remain, whitens, by wetting with hydrogen peroxide and exposing it to the sun. He is also careful about it, that the stain is constantly wet. Rinse well.

Clothing that is not suitable for wet washing must be dry-cleaned as soon as possible.
Tar, which was on the carpet, must be removed as completely as possible with a knife immediately. If she has time to dry, you have to soften it with warm olive oil. Drip a few drops and let it sit, until the tar is soft to the touch. Collect the excess oil with napkins. Then gently apply eucalyptus oil or turpentine, constantly collecting tar with napkins.

Then moisten the stain with a cloth dipped in the following solution - 1 teaspoon (5 ml) detergent on 1/2 glasses (125 ml) warm water. If the tar has penetrated the fleece, rub the solution with a toothbrush. Rubbing and drying must be continued for as long, until the napkins no longer stain yellow; then wash the cleaned area with a few clean ones, damp cloths (do not rub). To remove traces of oil, which the tar is softened, it is best to use a dry cleaning fluid; if the oil remains, will attract dirt. Drain on a regular basis.

Intensive cleaning can cause, that a clean spot will appear on the carpet, different from the dirty rest. Then you have to shampoo the entire carpet.