Strengthening the place of gluing

Strengthening the place of gluing

This type of treatment is only necessary when the bonding is exposed to a load that is stronger than the average (e.g.. at the handle) or when the item is very heavy (e.g.. a large bowl). To strengthen the joints, brass or stainless steel rods are used, glued into the holes in both glued edges. The porcelain is so tough,
that it can only be drilled with a diamond drill bit (it is very expensive, only available at dental equipment stores).

It is rarely necessary to use rods with a diameter larger than 3 mm. The holes for such rods should not be deeper than 0,5 cm, and their width should be 1/3 the thickness of the porcelain. First, drill a hole with a thinner drill bit, only then widen it to the desired diameter.

Strengthening the joints

1 On one of the edges, mark the location of the stamens with small dots of paint. Fold both pieces carefully, to mark the places on the other edge.

2 Cover the drilling site with plasticine and fill with water, which will cool the drill bit. Drill a hole a little wider than the pin. Make any necessary corrections before gluing.

3 Make small cuts in the metal with a file, then remove any traces of fat with acetone. Trim to the desired length with a hacksaw.

4 Fill the holes in both edges with glue, insert the pins into one of them. Slide, fix it with tape and fix it in the usual way.