Storage of books, part 2

If you ask yourself: “Does it make me happy?”, looking at things lying on shelves or in drawers, then you will not be able to answer this question. Only when you get things out of sleep, you will be able to decide, do you want to throw them away or keep them. You will also have easier access to books on the floor and be able to move or rearrange them. Just as a gentle shake can wake the sleeper from sleep, so moving or touching an object and exposing it to air and light restores its "vitality".
By helping clients clean homes and offices, I stand in front of a mountain of books and clap my hands or gently stroke the covers of books. Although my clients look at me with surprise at first, then they discover it themselves, how much easier and more precisely they can make a choice. They see exactly what they need, what not. It's hard to choose books, while still standing on the shelf. If there are too many books, to put them all on the floor, please customers, to make them into four broad sections:
• ogólne (read for pleasure);
• praktyczne (encyclopedia, cookbooks etc.);
• wizualne (albums, photo collections etc.);
• magazyny.

Once you've got the books apart, take each one in your hand and decide, do you want to keep her, or reject. The selection criterion is, of course, the rush of joy at the moment of touch. remember, to touch the book. Don't start reading it! Reading makes it difficult to make the right choice. Instead of asking yourself a question, what do you feel, you will start to wonder, have you read this book, or not. imagine, what it would be like to have a bookcase only with books, which you love. Isn't this picture captivating? What greater happiness could be for someone, who loves books?