Repair of damaged metal products

Most metal cleaning and protection fluids protect them from minor scratches and breakages, and regular polishing ensures a long-lasting shine and removes rust. Dents on the tin surfaces, copper and thin bronze walls can be straightened quite easily, It is better to entrust dented gold or silver products to a professional. Small cracks and holes can be sealed with an adhesive based on epoxy or acrylic resin.
To make the repair site less visible, you can mix resin with metal filings or powder.

Filling cavities and cracks
The painted cast iron surface can be patched with epoxy putty. Cavities in exposed metal surfaces are sealed with a mixture of epoxy adhesive and metallic powder (available in shops for artists). This pulp can be additionally thickened with kaolin and the shade can be improved by adding pigments. If you want to patch a hole in a thin wall, stick it on one side with plasticine. Let the filling dry overnight, and then sand the excess putty with sandpaper.
If the "patch” is still visible, try to paint it over with metallic paint for decorative frames. Apply the paint with your finger or dilute with white spirit and apply with a brush.