Removing stains and dirt - Glass

Removing stains and dirt - Glass

To clean stained glass, you need to soak them for a few hours in a weak solution in ammonia or in vinegar with the contents of a tea bag, then wash and rinse.
Heavily stained glass is cleaned, soaking them for several hours in acetone, then thoroughly washes and rinsed.

Glass table tops rubbed with lemon juice, and scratches are cleaned by toothpaste.

Glass chandeliers. Dirty glass chandeliers are wiped with a soft cloth moistened with ordinary glass cleaner or water with a spoon (15 ml) ammonia. The ammonia solution helps to remove traces of insects more easily.
If the glass shades only need dusting, this must be done with a feather duster or wearing a pair of cotton gloves, wet them and clean the glass with your hands.

if it's possible, it is worth removing the chandelier for cleaning, Line a sink or wash basin with a towel and pour warm water, adding detergent and a spoon (15 ml) ammonia. Carefully wash and rinse the glass parts.

Also wipe the bulbs clean. Before hanging the chandelier, check the condition of metal parts.

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