Removing stains and dirt - Towel

Removing stains and dirt - Towel

Dark colored towels do not absorb as well as light ones. Possible too, that at the first, and even in the second wash, they will let go of the color a little, so it is better to wash new towels separately.
Very dirty towels should be soaked before washing or the washing machine should be set to prewash.
For the last rinse of towels, you can add a fabric softener - it will give them fluffiness and softness. It is enough to do this once in three, four washes. If softener is added too often, towels are slippery to the touch and absorb water less efficiently.

Water absorption. Customers sometimes complain, that despite, that the towels are thick and tightly woven, they don't absorb water anyway, as needed. Their hair is too smooth and is unpleasantly slippery to the touch. Towels with loops absorb better, not clipped hair. Although all new towels must be washed before the first use, to remove finish and increase water absorption, if the towel is too thick, it will not give the expected results. Some tips are given below, how to make, so that the towels wipe better.

  • Soak them through 12 hours in plenty of cold water with the addition 2 spoons (30 ml) bitter salt, moving frequently. Twist and wash as usual in the washing machine, preferably in cold water detergent.
  • Do not spin dry. After rinsing, remove and hang on a rope to drain off. This will make the towel rougher and absorb water better.
  • Use and wash towels as often as possible. Sometimes the towel will wipe better after a dozen or so washes.
  • Do not add fabric softeners to the rinse and do not tumble dry the towels.
  • It's also a good idea to hang your towels in the pouring rain and leave them outside until they dry.

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