Removing stains and dirt - Plush

Removing stains and dirt - Plush

This fabric may be silk (natural and artificial), cotton or synthetic. It is made of curtains and upholstery. Natural and artificial silk requires dry cleaning. Synthetics and artificial fur are washed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Plush toys. Some toys are machine washable; others require hand or dry cleaning. It all depends on the type of material, which the given toy is filled with.

Toys for washing in shampoo must first be thoroughly shaken or vacuumed, then wet and rub in a small amount of shampoo or mild detergent. Gently rub the hair, then remove the suds with a few cleaners, damp cloths. Hang to air dry or dry in a low temperature dryer. Before and during drying, the hair is smoothed with a clean clothes brush.

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