Removing stains and dirt - Pillow

Removing stains and dirt - Pillow

Pillows with textile filling z biegiem czasu robią się coraz bardziej zbite, flat and hard. This can be remedied, by washing them every two months on a windy day. In a washing machine, select a low temperature and the shortest wash cycle. They are centrifuged dry. They are washed by hand in a cool bath and the excess suds are squeezed out. Rinses twice and squeezes out as much water as possible. It is dried on a line in the air and in partial shade. If the water runs out of the hopper for too long, pierce the pillow in several places with a thick needle. The pillow will also regain its fluffiness, if it is dried in a dryer set to low temperature.

Feather pillows także wymagają chłodnej kąpieli piorącej i suszenia w cieniu. Higher temperatures can release feather grease and an unpleasant odor. If the pillows are poured it is very dirty, it is worth ripping it open, pour the feathers into a clean cover or a large paper bag, and I will soak and wash it clean. Sometimes the pillows get dirty with medications, drinks etc.. - then they require special washing. Stains are removed, using methods appropriate to their type, then, sprinkle, wash in a very warm solution.

Pillows with different filling należy prać zgodnie z zaleceniami producenta.

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