Removing stains and dirt - Carpet

Removing stains and dirt - Carpet

Floor coverings for indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to dirt, mold and rot. Produced in many patterns and colors - they are perfect for use on balconies, terraces etc.. You do not need to put anything under them, because they have foam on the underside. They can be laid loosely or attached to the floor with a special double-sided carpet tape or covered with glue on clean, dry substrate.

Regular cleaning will extend the life of the floor covering and improve its appearance. Vacuum it frequently, to shake or sweep, especially then, when exposed to being trampled on with dirty shoes, on which sand is applied.

Felt coverings should also be dried, before you start walking on them. Wet surface rubs off easily, especially from the rubber soles of shoes.
Spilled substances must be collected as quickly as possible. Make a detergent solution in the jar - 1 spoon (15 ml) detergent on the glass (250 ml) water - and use it to wipe the stain off with a sponge. The solution is removed with clean ones, damp cloths.

Made of vinyl flooring (e.g.. popular PVC tiles) greasy stains must not be removed with organic solvents or ammonia-based cleaners.
To remove grease stains, chemical cleaning fluid is diluted half and half with cold water, and then tests the solution on an inconspicuous part of the liner.
Indoor and outdoor carpets are prone to burns from cigarette ash, charcoal from the grill, etc.. Though their fibers are usually not flammable, may melt under the influence of temperature, and the resulting damage is beyond repair.

Cleaning carpets with foam or powder shampoo
There are several dry cleaning powders on the market, absorbing grease and dirt from the carpet hair. A few hours after application, remove the powder with a vacuum cleaner; the dirt will come off the carpet with it.
Powder shampoo is an excellent contaminant absorbing agent, if used immediately after any substance is spilled on the carpet. Dry shampoo should be rubbed into the stained area with a special applicator (often available with the powder) or brushes. First, it is dusted against the grain, and then with the hair, slowly and methodically, so that there is nothing left.
For regular cleaning you need to take approx 25 g of powder per square meter - more, if the area is heavily soiled. Leave it on at least 20 minutes, and even better - for a few hours. The use of a powdered shampoo prevents the carpet from getting wet.