Removing stains and dirt - Umbrella

Removing stains and dirt - Umbrella

Very dirty bright nylon umbrellas are cleaned outdoors. An open umbrella is first washed with a dry cleaning fluid. You should use a few cloths and discard each of them when soiled.

Then prepare a bowl of warm, soapy water and scrub the umbrella with a soft hand brush. Rinse the canopy inside and out, to remove suds.

Wipe the inner skeleton with an old towel and dry the parasol immediately in the open position. Do not store wet umbrellas in closed position, because the metal skeleton will rust.
Black umbrellas can be enhanced appearance, if washed with a sponge of cold water containing a spoon (15 ml) vinegar.

The metal skeleton should not be lubricated, as grease will stain the fabric. The skeleton should be sprayed with an anti-rust preparation, inserting a piece of paper between the metal and the fabric for protection.

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