Removing stains and dirt - Floor

Removing stains and dirt - Floor

Well-preserved wooden floors require little maintenance. Popular wood finishing agents include polyurethane polishes and varnishes. A wooden floor covered with them should be wiped wet from time to time, to remove stubborn dirt, and sweep it dry daily, to remove dust and other dirt on a regular basis, which could mechanically damage, and eventually even wipe off the coating.

With time, even with careful nurturing, places, which more people walk on, will wear out faster. They should be covered with the same type of finish, which was originally used to lay the floor. Some preparations are not compatible with each other, better not to mix their types. If there is even one layer of paste or wax on the floor, painting can only be carried out after removing the slightest traces of the rinse aid, which usually ends with sanding the entire floor.

Paint coatings protect the boards against moisture, which can cause the boards to warp.

The legs of chairs and other portable furniture should be protected with soft pads, so that they do not damage the wood coating.

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