Removing stains and dirt - Curtains

Removing stains and dirt - Curtains

Many ready-made synthetic curtains and on the lining are not suitable for home washing. Take them to a dry cleaner. Although it is expensive, it's not worth saving, for only then will they retain their appearance. In contrast, washing at home can cause irreversible creases and deformations.

Curtains stay clean longer, if they are vacuumed from time to time. You need to use a specially adapted tip.

Curtains and curtains made of a single layer of fabric and synthetic fabrics should be removed, shake off and on 15 soak for minutes in a warm detergent solution. Then hand wash. Rinse twice and hang to drain; the weight of the water will straighten the creases. Do not dry in direct sunlight. They are suspended, as soon as the dripping water stops.

Cotton and linen curtains may shrink in washing. Suspending them, while they are still wet, and then threading a heavy bar through the lower helix will stretch them slightly and straighten the creases. Other curtains may need to be ironed with a hot iron (always from top to bottom, never across).

Before you wash your curtains for the first time, it is better to try, will they come off the color. You should also never wash them in hot water. Before washing, soak through 15 minutes in cold water with a handful of salt. Pour out the water, pour in a mild detergent solution, and leave it on 5 minutes. Wash in warm water and rinse twice in cold, then hang it up immediately.

Long, fold-up draperies can be hung to drip through three or four linen lines. Shorter curtains are hung one at a time, attaching to the ropes by the edge, along or across.

Stare, damaged curtains must be washed very carefully. Fold them loosely and put them on one at a time (or two, if they are small) for pillowcases. Soaks through 15 minutes, occasionally agitating in cool detergent, then squeezed out. It is washed in a similar way and rinsed twice. The folded curtain is removed from the cover and wrapped in a towel. Light synthetic curtains are hung up immediately wet, and others it dries outside, and, if it is necessary, pigs, taking care, so as not to stretch the damaged material too much.

Tears and holes can be patched with a large piece of fabric dipped in dry starch. The piece is then placed on the torn spot, cover with wrapping paper and press down firmly with a moderately hot iron, until the patch adheres. You will hardly see it and it will last successfully until the next wash.

Frogs for curtains. One way to clean rusty metal frogs is to boil them in a vinegar solution - 1 spoon (15 ml) on 1 a glass (250 ml) water - by 15 minutes. Do not rinse, dry well. In humid rooms, poorly ventilated or in houses by the sea, it is better to use plastic frogs.