Removing stains and dirt - Candlestick

Removing stains and dirt - Candlestick

Candlesticks should be cleaned with a suitable polish: silver - an agent for silver, brass - agent for brass.

The crystal and glass are washed with water and ammonia. Lacquered metals are wiped with a damp cloth and sprinkled with silicone wax spray.

Wax or stearin residues are easier to remove when hot. You can put the candlestick in the sun, heat with a dryer, immerse in hot water for a few minutes or heat slightly over the gas and wipe off the wax. The softened wax is removed with toilet paper or a paper napkin, or scraped off with a knife with a rounded tip.

Note the candles!

  • Before placing the new candle in the candlestick, its lower end should be immersed in hot water for a few seconds, to soften.
  • The candles will burn longer, if they are previously frozen in the freezer.
  • Candle stumps can be used, rubbing the edges of drawers with them, sliding doors or lifting windows, so that they slide smoothly.

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