Removing stains and dirt - Bag

Removing stains and dirt - Bag

Evening bags. The satin or taffeta lining is lightly wiped with a sponge and dry cleaning fluid. Ventilate the bag well before closing it.
Decorative or bead bags require caution: one broken thread and the beads will get lost. White bead bags are cleaned with talcum powder and wrapped in a towel on 48 hours, and then lightly brushes, to remove the powder.

Leather bags można przemywać szmatką zamoczoną w ciepłej wodzie, wrung out, and then rubbed with a small amount of good soap. The soap is removed from the bag with two or three clean, damp rags. When the bag is dry, it is polished with leather paste, then it is left in the sun for half an hour, that the layer of paste is absorbed and does not stain the clothes.

Clean the bag lining with a brush or vacuum cleaner, to remove the fluff, hyphae and dust. Moisten the stains with a chemical cleaner. Ventilate the bag well before closing it.
Leather bags should not be stored next to plastic bags, because the material will absorb the dye from the skin and will be permanently stained.

Leather bags may become moldy due to moisture, so if you don't use them, must be viewed frequently. Mold is removed from leather goods (bags, strips, shoes), brushing them outdoors. Then the moldy surfaces are wiped with a damp cloth; after drying, petroleum jelly is rubbed into the skin. You have to wait, until the petroleum jelly is absorbed, then clean the item as usual.

Niewielkie zabrudzenia z potu przeciera się wilgotną szmatką, a następnie pokrywa pastą silikonową w sprayu i delikatnie poleruje.

Torby ze skóry lakierowanej. Czyści sieje do połysku, wcierając odrobinę wazeliny lub preparatu silikonowego w sprayu.

Torby z plastiku. Myje się je wilgotną szmatką z niewielką ilością dobrego szarego mydła. Resztki mydła wyciera się za pomocą kilku czystych, mokrych szmatek; dries, a następnie pokrywa preparatem silikonowym w sprayu i czyści do połysku.

Torby zamszowe lub z nubuku należy często szczotkować specjalną szczotką do zamszu. Stains, mostly from sweaty hands, can be removed with a chemical grease stain remover.

Crushed hair should be ruffled, gently rubbing the suede with fine sandpaper.
A similar effect is achieved by gently moistening with hot steam. Briefly hold the bag over a flat pan of boiling water - the less water, the more steam. Excessive steam exposure may cause the adhesive to dissolve. Then dry the bag and use a special brush to lift the hairs.

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