Refreshing furniture

Refreshing furniture.

The furniture is covered with shellac or nitrocellulose varnishes, so you can use gasoline or turpentine to wash their surfaces. The popular "Agata" parquet cleaner is also suitable for this purpose.. After washing, give the furniture a shine by covering it with paste and polishing.

Furniture polishes.

• 150 g beeswax or earth wax (cresin) i 100 g of paraffin melt in a water bath, add after cooling 190 cm3 of gasoline, mix thoroughly by shaking vigorously and pour into jars or cans. After cooling, a greasy paste is obtained.

• 100 g beeswax or earth wax i 900 g of turpentine, heat in a water bath until the wax dissolves, mix and pour into jars or cans.

Furniture liquid.

150 g beeswax or earth wax, 20 cm3 denatured, 6 cm3 of ammonia water i 5 Mix g lemon essential oil with 1000 cm3 of gasoline until an emulsion was obtained. Shake well before use after longer storage. Spread a thin layer of paste or liquid on the surface of the furniture, after drying, polish to a gloss with a soft cloth.