There are many substances, which stick firmly to the glass surface, porcelain and faience. The most common stains are on the window panes, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Bride (short). Stains are removed with a paste made of magnesia and gasoline or denatured alcohol, wiping the glass surface with it. This paste perfectly absorbs dirt. After removing the stains, the surface of the glass, porcelain or earthenware washed with water.

Color. Fresh paint stains can be removed with turpentine or gasoline. If the stain has already hardened, it should be softened with concentrated ammonia or sodium hydroxide solution (Caution: highly corrosive!), then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Gray soap and removers are suitable for softening hardened paint stains.

Tea. Tea stains are common on porcelain and earthenware, especially on jugs. The stained place is carefully wiped with a damp cloth sprinkled with vinegar and sprinkled with kitchen salt.

Tar. Glass stained with tar, porcelain or faience is rubbed with margarine or butter to soften the stain, then rinse them off with warm water and detergent.

Water glass. Water glass connects easily with glass, resulting in dull stains or a dissolving white crust. Dried water glass can be removed from the glass surface with hot water and a little scouring sand. After this treatment, however, usually a dull place is left. To regain the original shine of a glass object, polish should be used, e.g.. precipitated chalk (muddy) and denatured spirit, polishing rose or magnesia. However, removing the mat is not easy.

Fat. Stained spots on frosted glass are wiped several times with a cloth moistened with gasoline or stain removing liquid.

I have to drop the droppings. These stains dissolve easily in ammonia or denatured alcohol.

Calcium. These stains are washed off with water and vinegar, then with water.

Matting the mirrors. Old mirrored glass is often frosted. You should then sprinkle a cloth slightly powdered with magnesia or buoyant chalk on the surface of the glass or on a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol and wipe the glass thoroughly.. After this treatment, the glass is wiped with denatured alcohol, thanks to which the mirror regains its shine.