Metal cleaning

Metal cleaning

Metal items to be cleaned are most often made of iron, brass, copper or silver. During renovation work, place them on a thicker fabric or a soft pillow, so as not to damage the table or other top. We pay special attention to items made of several types of metals, in order not to damage an element made of a different material when cleaning one metal.

To soften the layer of paint or varnish covering the metal, a delamination gel should be used, similar to wooden items. Exact information about this preparation, how to use it and the necessary security and tools (gloves, masks, brushes and spatulas) see the section "Cleaning the wood”.


A sharp metal brush is very useful for removing rust from iron objects.
A small nail brush will be helpful in removing dirt from delicate surfaces.


Type of solvent, which acts on rust and facilitates its removal by mechanical method. The preparation should be handled very carefully, using nitrile gloves and a face mask.

Citric acid (lemon juice)

This natural acid easily removes dirt from copper and brass surfaces, whose cleaning is the basic element of the renovation process of metal objects.

A rag cloth

A piece of sharp fabric that allows you to remove sediment and dirt from metal objects with a delicate structure. Does not scratch.


They can be cleaned in various ways. One of the most popular methods is mechanical cleaning with a sharp brush, steel wool or a suitable agent, which will not scratch the metal. The iron object is polished until the traces of patina disappear. A chemical agent that dissolves rust can also be used, which then needs to be removed, using a piece of steel wool.

Brass and copper

Chemical stores offer several types of products, which can be used to clean slightly darkened brass. However, when the metal turns out to be very tarnished, use citric acid (lemon juice) and fine steel wool.
We clean and polish copper products in a similar way. Copper is more delicate, therefore, the steel wool should be replaced with a piece of sackcloth or a polishing cloth.