Maintenance of crystal pendants

Maintenance of crystal pendants

The most typical decoration made of crystal pendants is a chandelier. They are also used to decorate vases, candlesticks and lamps.

Dirty pendants are washed in the same way, like other glass items, with this, that their metal parts should be thoroughly dried or removed before washing. After drying, the pendants should be polished to a shine with acetone or denatured alcohol.

Pendants should be allowed to rotate, which allows the play of light reflections. Check out the metal rings and hooks, on which they hang. Open
Press down the circles with pliers, replace defective parts with new ones, made of wire. Do your best, that the wire is similar in thickness and shade to the rest of the metal handles. You can sometimes purchase thin silver wire in jewelry stores. You can also use fuse wires or copper wire obtained from old electrical wires.

Pliers with thin, rounded tips will allow you to twist wire circles of any diameter. Cut off excess wire. Try to part the wheels to the side, instead of bending them open, because bending them can curve them.

Lost pendants can be replaced with similar ones, bought at an antique store, although they are usually difficult to choose. Another solution is to cast copies of the existing pendants out of a special resin.