Ink stain and ink

Ink stain and ink

Moisten the pen marks with alcohol or a dry cleaner. Stains on the hands, leather or plastic products come off under the action of hairspray. Spray the stain with varnish, rub and rinse.
Hairspray sometimes helps remove pen marks from clothing, but before that, the test should be performed in an inconspicuous area of ​​the product. Place a cloth under the stain, so that the ink has something to soak into, and spray the stain with varnish.
You can also remove stains on fabrics with acetone (if not made of acetate). Some carcasses disappear when exposed to acetone. Before that, you have to check it on a scrap of cloth stained with the same ink. Let it dry, then wash the fabric as usual. You can also pre-clean it with a stain remover, and when it is dry, wash it as usual.

In order to remove pen marks from leather goods, vaseline is rubbed into the leather and left for a few days, then wipes and polishes.
Some carcasses can be lured with turpentine. This is done on a coarsely folded towel or cloth. On such a prepared base, spread the stained area with the stain downwards and apply a cloth dipped in turpentine. You can also do it with a toothbrush, but you should not rub it, just strike gently. The undercoat has to be changed frequently. Rinse the fabric with the hottest water possible. Rub in washing powder and rub with both hands. Rinse and wash.

Some ink manufacturers recommend the use of special solvents, so read the label and follow the recommendations for removing stains from the ink in question. The recommended solvent will be much more effective than others.

Pen marks on the carpet are removed immediately, by applying dry cleaning fluid and letting the carpet dry. If the stain doesn't come off, repeat the treatment. After drying, vacuum the cleaned area. Need caution, so that the solvent does not damage the carpet backing, especially if it is rubber or synthetic rubber.

On bright carpets, a paste of sour potassium tartrate and lemon juice is rubbed into the fleece. After a minute, it is removed with a damp sponge, drying on a regular basis.
White vinyl upholstery is a temptation for young children, who love to scribble over them with pens. The most effective first aid in such cases is ordinary saliva. Immediately applied to the trace, it allows you to remove it with a clean cloth.

Older traces should first be rubbed with glycerin. This softens the mascara a little, making it easier to lure it out. Leave for half an hour, and then use one or more of the following methods, after each one, wiping the vinyl clean.

  • Eucalyptus oil - rub it in with a white cloth. When the cloth becomes colored, it is a sign, the ink comes off.
  • Acetone - usually a component of nail polish remover, available at drugstores.
  • Hydrogen peroxide - make a solution of 1 drops of ammonia on a teaspoon (5 ml) 3% hydrogen peroxide (perhydrolu).
  • Ready-made stain remover

First you need to rehearse in an invisible place. If ink comes off, then a cloth with acetone or nail polish remover will get stained. It should be checked, that the vinyl has not tarnished due to the action of the solvent; if so, you must try eucalyptus oil or some other solvent.