How to remove wax crayon marks?

How to remove wax crayon marks?

Oh yes. Like ordinary wax crayons, but in the hands of a clever kid it is a weapon with great firepower. Wax crayons leave thick, bold lines, which may be difficult to remove on some surfaces. When our little consolation matches them, it is very likely, that your walls, home furnishings can be used as a foundation for original abstract compositions. W tej poradzie powiemy wam ja je usuwać. Will be needed: Wd-40, hair dryer, grill lighter ,Toothpaste, cloth and water.

Crayon on the wall

W przypadku ścian pomalowanych farbą możemy spróbować wysuszyć plamę stosując suszarkę do włosów. Gdy plama będzie już wysuszona, we try to remove it with a cloth slightly moistened with grill lighter.
The second way is to apply a non-gel toothpaste and gently wipe the dirt off.

Crayon on the furniture

A good way is to use Wd-40. We put a little agent on the cloth and gently rub the stain, until you remove it.

Crayon on clothes

Soak the cloth with vinegar and rub the stain. Then we wash the fabric.