How to remove cigarette burns?

How to remove cigarette burns?

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to get rid of cigarette stains. It all depends on the condition of the surface and in this way we should choose more or less invasive methods. Due to the delicate materials you need to be very careful when working.

Will be needed:

  1. Upholstery cleaning foam
  2. Sponge
  3. Water
  4. Vacuum cleaner



  1. Start by vacuuming all corners of the car, which will be cleansed. This will remove dirt and dust.
  2. Apply upholstery cleaning foam, in accordance with the precautionary measures written on the package. For best results, use a preparation intended for the automotive industry.
  3. Use a damp cloth to clean the seat mats and other stained fabrics(not to the ceiling). Rinse the cloth frequently with clean water.
  4. Let the preparation work for a while and then wipe it with a cloth. Repeat as needed.


Additional suggestions:

  1. An alternative method is to use a steam pressure washer
  2. Avoid scrubbing the soffit. The use of force can cause permanent damage.
  3. For best work results, make sure, make sure that the surface is clean of all loose contaminants such as dust and sand before starting the procedure.
  4. If the stains are not removed, you can use vinegar pre-cleaning. Check how a given surface reacts with this acid in an inconspicuous place.