How to clean windows?

How to clean windows?

Window panes are washed in different ways - dry, wet, using various chemical preparations, and even a young nettle soaked in water. The method is not important - what counts is the result - clean and shiny windows.

Will be needed:

  1. Soft brush
  2. Cloth

How to go about it?

  1. Drewniane części okien i futryn myje się miękką szczotką lub gąbką maczaną w mydlanej wodzie z paroma kroplami amoniaku.
  2. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Types of dirt:

  1. Remove stains left by flies on the glass with mud pulp and denatured alcohol.
  2. Plamy z wapna zmywamy octem
  3. Greasy stains(e.g.. after fresh putty) will remove the juice from a freshly cut onion, followed by a light soap and rinse with cold water.
  4. Plamy z farby klejowej można próbować zmyć amoniakiem, and if that doesn't work - you have to scratch it very gently with a razor blade.

Additional suggestions:

  1. You can clean the windows during frost, but not with water, but denatured spirit.
  2. If the glass breaks while cleaning the windows, we can secure it, lubricating with water glass.