How to clean a red wine stain on a carpet?

How to clean a red wine stain on a carpet?

Often during all kinds of occasional parties, play, party, you may have an accidental spill of liquor. Mostly they are alcohols, various kinds of carbonated drinks, wine and other liquids, które mogą po wylaniu spowodować powstanie trudnych do usunięcia plam. Dzisiaj przedstawię wam metody i skuteczne wskazówki jak w prosty sposób to get rid of red wine stains, formed on the carpet.

What we will need ?

In the case of a freshly formed stain, we will need it: White wine, salt, a sponge or cloth and a few paper towels. Old stains require different treatment, in their case they will be necessary: carpet shampoo, glycerin solution, a sponge and a few paper towels.

How to go about it ?

Fresh stains

When dealing with a fresh stain, we pour white wine over it immediately. Later with paper towels, using the tampon method, collect the remnants of wine and clean the dirty area with a sponge soaked in warm water. You can add a little salt in the drying process, because it will absorb the rest of the moisture.

Old stains

At the beginning, dry the stain with the tamponing method and gently rub it with a sponge soaked in warm water.. Once we shampoo the stain dry, we apply foam from carpet shampoo to the stain and rub it in. We repeat this procedure for so long, until the stain disappears. In the case of any slight remains of the stain, we can use a glycerin solution ( one glass of glycerin, one glass of water) and cover the stain with it for one hour. The last method, which should be treated as a last resort is to sprinkle the sponge with a drip of denatured alcohol and gently wipe off the remains of the stain.