How to clean plank floors?

How to clean plank floors?

The floorboards usually come from coniferous trees (spruce, pine). Stiletto wood is good for scrubbing with water. Only it must not be washed with water, soda and washing powders, because it turns gray and seems constantly dirty.

Potassium lye used for cleaning floors(from the wood of coniferous trees) gives the wood a golden color of a freshly cut tree.

How to make lye?

The lye can be made at home, if wood is burned in the stoves, not coal. Wood ash is poured into the bucket, pour water overnight, and in the morning he pours the water off the sediment and scrubs the floor with it.

How to clean floors?

  1. Sweep the effort, moisten small pieces of floor with soapy water(2-3 deca per liter of lukewarm water).
  2. Scrub quickly with a rice brush on a long stick.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water (lukewarm and clean), using a rinsed cloth.
  4. Wipe another one, dry cloth, well absorbing water.

Additional suggestions:

  1. Oil-painted floors should be washed once a week with lukewarm water with the addition of ammonia (on a bucket of water 1-2 spoons of ammonia). Then, shear and polish.
  2. Varnished floors are only wiped wet, e.g.. a laminate sponge sprinkled with cold water or a regular cloth wrapped around the brush on a long stick. A sponge (rag) rinse immediately after use and dry.