How to clean a paint stain on a carpet?

How to clean a paint stain on a carpet?

Many of us have had contact with paints during various types of renovations, light maintenance and repairs. Everyone is aware of this, that the use of these funds, can be the cause of these smaller and larger stains as a result of using a brush and splashing paint. As long as there is no problem when we protect the entire room with a painting foil, so the problem arises, when we do some minor indoor maintenance and acknowledge, that securing furnishings and floors is unnecessary. Then a stain may appear inadvertently! Today I will answer the question of how to get rid of easily paint stains on the surface of your carpet.

What we will need?

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Shampoo for washing carpets
  • Solvent (Terpentyna)
  • Paper towels

How to deal with acrylic paint stain on carpet ?

At the beginning, using a sponge, soaked in clean water, clean the stain like this, aby nie rozprzestrzeniała się na dywanie. Acrylic paints are susceptible to water, therefore we can successfully wipe them. After wiping the stain, we use carpet shampoo and let it dry.

What about oils?

In the case of oil paints, things are a bit different. Due to the presence of special dyes and substances in oil paints, stains, that arise after them are much more difficult to remove. Dry the fresh stain with paper towels and apply carpet shampoo immediately. Old stains, should be treated with a suitable solvent, suggests using turpentine (natural painting medium, available for purchase at any art store), which you can soak a dry cloth or sponge and gently rub the stain. Beforehand, check how the carpet material reacts to the solvent, by doing a test on a small patch of carpet. Finally, you can use carpet shampoo and let the carpet dry.