How to clean a blueberry stain?

How to clean a blueberry stain?

Due to the intense color of their own juice, blueberries can leave a very dark color, intense stains on various types of surfaces. We will present you a simple method of removing such stains from various types of fabrics. Will be needed: vinegar, sour milk, lemon juice, wacik.

How to go about it?

Stains on regular fabric

  1. Moisten the dirty part of the fabric with water
  2. We put the fabric in a bowl with vinegar for an hour
  3. We wash

Stains on linen fabric

A good way to remove a blueberry stain on linen fabric is to soak the garment in sour milk for approx.. 30 minutes.

Stains on woolen fabric

In the case of woolen fabrics, we can try to clean the dirt with lemon juice.