Greasy and non-greasy dirt

Greasy dirt. They are left with butter or margarine, fatty foods, automotive oils and lubricants. Fabrics, that can be washed, should be rubbed gently on places stained with liquid detergent or dry cleaning fluid beforehand. The yellowed grease stain can be treated with bleach.

If the fabrics are not washed, apply a dry cleaning fluid to the stain, from the edges towards the center of the stain. When the liquid dries, repeat the action. Another way to remove grease from non-washable fabrics is to use an absorbent, for example, potato flour, corn flour or chalk. One of these substances should be sprinkled on the stained area and wait, until it loses its dusty consistency, then gently clean it with a brush.

Non-greasy soiling. They are made from fruit juices, black coffee, ink etc.. If the fabric is washable, the stain should be soaked as soon as possible with cold water using a sponge. Then soak the entire garment in cold water for several hours, even all night long. If the stain does not come off, you need to rub a little liquid detergent into it and rinse with cold water. As a last resort, you can use a color-protecting bleach, but you should always check it in the instructions on the tag.
Non-greasy stains on non-washable fabrics can be removed with cold water. You have to put a clean spot under the stained place, absorbent fabric and pour cold water from the sprayer or dropper on top. The chances of success with this procedure are much greater, if the stain has not yet dried.
If the stain does not come off, and the fabric can be washed, you need to put some liquid detergent on the stain, then rinse with cold water. After rinsing and completely removing the detergent, apply a sponge with isopropyl alcohol to the stain.
Stain removers must not be mixed under any circumstances, especially chlorine bleaches with these, which contain ammonia; harmful fumes may then be generated. Flammable solvents should be used with great care, only in a well-ventilated room or outdoors. It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes or stay in the vicinity of an open fire.
Fabrics and any items cleaned with solvents should be well aired, by hanging them out of the reach of children and pets. Gasoline-based products also need to evaporate from the cleaned clothes first, before you throw it in the washing machine.
Always dispose of unused stain removers in accordance with safety requirements.