Glue stain

Modern adhesives are difficult to remove. If you need to purchase a solvent for their extraction, it may be, that it is more profitable to have the clothes cleaned. The person accepting the order should be informed about the type of glue.

Model glue for balsa is removed from most fabrics with acetone.
You can try to remove it from the furniture, rubbing vegetable oil.

Plastic mastic. It is best to remove the stain, before it dries. Wash the fabric in a cool washing bath. If the stain doesn't come off, heat up 1/4 glasses (60 ml) spirit vinegar to boiling point and dip the stain in it. Put the next batch of vinegar on the stove and when the first batch has cooled down, reheat it, in time, when the stain is soaked in a second pot of hot vinegar. Continue this process through 15 minutes.

Rubber glue. Gently scrape it off. Spread the stain on a foundation and apply a cloth dipped in carbon tetrachloride or a chemical cleaning liquid..
Caution: all these substances are flammable, so you have to follow the safety rules. The rubber glue from the furniture can be removed, rubbing the stain with vegetable oil.

Other adhesives. Rinse in warm water. Rub the stain with a washing powder and rub it. Rinse and wash in so hot water, as the type of fabric allows.
Soap and water will remove most synthetic adhesives, which have not yet dried. Acetone dissolves most clear synthetic adhesives, but a fabric test should be performed.
Caution: acetone must not be used with acetate fibers. If the glue stain is old or dry, the fabric must be soaked in a boiling solution of vinegar and water - 1 part of the vinegar on 10 parts of water - by 30 minutes. A paint or varnish remover can help remove some modeling adhesives, but a test must first be carried out on the fabric.

If the stain is from a water-soluble adhesive, use a cloth dipped in warm soapy water to remove as much glue as possible. If the glue is already dry, it must be soaked with water at the highest possible temperature (depending on the type of fabric). Remove the softened glue.
To remove glue stains from the carpet, you have to first, with a knife or spatula, take it off enough, as much as possible. Then moisten it with a cloth dipped in hot water, then with a cloth dipped in heated vinegar. Drain on a regular basis, as the traces of glue are removed.

There are many adhesives and adhesives, and some of them can damage the faux fiber carpet. Natural carpets can be glue peeled off with acetone, but it is always necessary to test in an inconspicuous place first. When in doubt, it is better to call a specialist.