Glass painting

Glass painting
Painted glass is very attractive and worth collecting. The technique of painting glass is similar to the technique of painting porcelain.
However, you don't have to worry about overlapping
brush strokes, as glass paints have the consistency of wood stains. They are transparent; so if you want to complement the matte motif, you have to reach for acrylic paints.
The paints are best mixed on a ceramic plate or tin tray. Always have a solvent handy to clear up any mistakes.

Glass painting
1 When you manage to get the right shade, try putting a drop of paint on the glass, right next to an existing theme of the same color. Unsuccessful attempts should be washed with a silk cloth dipped in a solvent.
2 Once you've matched the shade, start painting the outline with a thin brush. If you go beyond the defined line, wipe off the paint with a solvent, helping yourself if necessary with a toothpick.
3 Finally, add more paint to the brush and fill in the contours, allowing the paint to spread naturally. Leave to dry in a horizontal position, protecting against dust and moisture.