Egg stain

Egg stain

First you need to scrape off as much of the substance, as much as possible. Soak the stain in a non-metallic container with a detergent solution with the addition of enzymes. Soak for so long, as needed - 6 do 8 hours. If the stain doesn't come off, rub a washing powder in it and wash it. Rinse and wash as usual. The stain must be completely removed before ironing the fabric.

Clothes that cannot be washed must be dry cleaned immediately. It is also necessary to inform the person accepting the order about the type of stain.

At home, you can try to wet the stain (and rub) in undiluted liquid detergent. To crap. Spread it on the foundation and apply the next clean ones again and again, damp cloths, to remove the detergent.

To remove traces of the egg from the carpet, you have to scrape it off as much as possible, and then put a cloth dipped in water and salt - 1/2 teaspoons (2 ml) salt per glass (250 ml) cool water. Below, apply a cloth dipped in an enzymatic stain remover several times, and remove the remnants of this with a few clean ones, damp cloths. Dry with frequently changed dry cloths or napkins.

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