Dye stain

Dye stain

Dye stains are difficult to remove, especially if the stained material cannot be soaked in appropriate bleach.

In this case, spread the dirty place over a large bowl in a sink or bathtub and run cold water., so regulating it, that the water tap drips quickly onto the stain (not a stream). Empty the bowl every now and then. Often after three, after four hours of such rinsing, the stain disappears.

Some dyes wash off after long-term cool soaking, concentrated detergent solution.
Articles, which can be bleached, soak in a weak bleach solution in a non-metallic pan on 6 do 8 hours. You need to be careful, not to use chlorine bleach for fabrics with a special finish (typu non-iron itp.).

Some other stains may come off by moistening half and half of water with hydrogen peroxide. The wetted stain is exposed to fresh air and sun, keeping an eye on, that all the time, until it disappears, was soaked in a bleaching solution. Rinse well.

Fabrics stained with hair dye should be washed in detergents with the addition of vinegar. White fabrics can then be additionally bleached.

If the laundry discolored in the washing machine, and the dyed pieces are white or clear, you can try to treat them with a commercially available decolorizing agent.