Drug stains

They differ greatly in their chemical composition. So if the stained item of clothing is in good condition, you'd better take her to dry cleaning, together with a piece of cloth specially stained with the same medicine (to serve as a sample).

Medicines in syrup usually washable in water. Before washing, the stain must be moistened and rubbed with detergent or soaked in an enzyme powder solution.
Stains on sheets and other items, which it is not profitable to put into dry cleaning, should be soaked or moistened immediately.

Oily medications is lured to fats with solvents.

Medicines containing iron they often leave traces of rust. They are lured in the same way, like other rust stains (see Rust) be with any rust remover.

Medicines for alcohol may leave stains on fabric. Do the same, as if you spilled alcohol (see Alcohol).

If such medicine is spilled on the carpet, they need to be dried immediately with napkins. Don't rub, for it will penetrate deeper into the fleece. Use carpet shampoo according to the manufacturer's instructions or gently rub the detergent solution into the fleece -1 teaspoon (5 ml) on 1 a glass (250 ml) warm water - with a brush. Drain on a regular basis. Repeat the treatment for as long, until the stain disappears. Some medicine stains need to be cleaned by a professional.

Furniture stains must be dried off as soon as possible. Proceed as in the case of spilling alcohol