Cleaning metal surfaces – Iron. Steel. Tin. Silver

Iron and steel
Iron and steel are highly corrosive in contact with moist air, forming a layer of rust. If you miss it, the rust will eat through the metal, destroying the object. To remove rust, items that are slightly corroded should be soaked in paraffin for several hours, and then wipe away the softened rust with fine steel wool.
If the rust has burned deeper, apply a special rust remover. Decorative items can be additionally secured by coating them with wax paste, varnish, possibly prime and paint over.

A nice gray patina will appear on the pewter dishes over time; but perhaps you will prefer to restore them to their former condition, silvery appearance by polishing with a special liquid. Do not place tin utensils on oak furniture, because the acid contained in this wood destroys the metal.

When exposed to air, the silver quickly becomes covered with a brown to purpleish deposit. Oxidation is also favored by moisture and the presence of salt.
After each use and before each polishing, the silver item should be washed. Even the tiniest speck of dust can scratch the surface. Each item should be washed separately in hot soapy water, rubbing the metal with a soft cloth. After washing the silver, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly, so that no streaks arise. Sometimes polishing with a soft cloth is enough, to restore the metal to its full shine, however, if there is a coating on the surface, you will have to use a special preparation.
There are various polishes on the market, creating a chemical barrier that allows the glow to stay longer. Wear white cotton gloves when polishing silver, protecting the surface against acids secreted by your hands and against scratching your nails. Apply the selected polishing agent clean, with a soft cloth. Eto polishing, take a new one. Convex ornaments can be cleaned with a nail brush and polished with a soft bristle brush. Wash the silver again, to remove all traces of the specimen, and then polish the item with a dry cloth or chamois leather.