Cleaning leather clothes

Cleaning leather clothes.

♦ It is best to entrust the cleaning and repair of natural leather clothes to a specialist laundry.

♦ Perfumes and hairspray leave stains on leather garments.

♦ We dry the skin at low temperature. When it dries well, it should be lightly rubbed with a special greasing agent.

♦ The hole in the leather can be repaired, by sticking a leather patch on the underside (leather glue).

♦ Clean the lining of the leather jacket at home, using a cloth dampened with a solution of liquid ammonia and water (1:2) or in spirit. Finally, we hang the jacket on a hanger (left side on top) and we bring it to the air, to dry.

♦ Greasy stains on the collar can be removed with a simple white eraser.

♦ If new clothes are dying, it should be worn with clothing of the same color, until it stops dyeing.

♦ Before the first use, the glace skin must be sprayed with a colorless leather varnish and repeated varnishing. Gently clean small dirt with a soft cloth and foam with a mild detergent or wipe with water and vinegar.

♦ Smooth and patterned leather is best rubbed with a special skin care product or cream with glycerin content. (5 proc.). You can also use a skin care spray and leave the garment on for a few hours. You need to impregnate your clothes from time to time. The smooth skin will regain its elasticity, if we put a thin layer of castor oil on it, linseed oil, skin lubricant or regular hand cream and wipe immediately with a dry cloth.

♦ Treat smooth leather gloves with a moisturizing agent or a colorless leather cream. When they get wet, they should be stuffed with tissue paper and left to dry. For cleaning, we put gloves on our hands and wash them with a hair shampoo, and then rinse thoroughly. Add a little glycerin to the last rinse. Because after drying, the skin hardens, you just have to crush it, and, if necessary, lubricate with glycerin beforehand.

♦ First dry wet suede thoroughly, and then remove the traces of water drops with a special suede brush, eraser or a dry sponge. We clean the suede in the direction "with the hair", and then spray it with a suede maintenance spray. You can try to remove light stains with a clean eraser, a damp chamois leather or fine sandpaper, then smooth the cleaned areas with a piece of velvet or a suede brush.

♦ Clean suede gloves with carpet foam.

Leather clothing, that can be washed

♦ A color test should be carried out before washing. To do this, apply a small amount of cleaning agent to an invisible part of the garment (e.g.. on the stock of seams) and check, that the skin does not discolor.

♦ We wash leather clothes by hand, separately and with the use of special skin care products (specialized stores), by adding vinegar to the washing bath (1:10).

♦ After washing, hang the garment on a hanger and dry it at room temperature or in the air (we do not expose it to direct sunlight).

Do not iron.