Cleaning carpets

Cleaning carpets.

The following three methods can be used for both carpet cleaning, and tapestries:

• After thorough tapping, place the rug horizontally, sprinkle with a thin layer of fine table salt and sweep with a hard brush moistened with boiling water. Wash the brush frequently.

• Moisten the carpet with water and vinegar (1 a glass on a bucket of water), sprinkle with clean ones, sifted wood sawdust, rub the sawdust with a hard brush.

• Heavily soiled carpets should be cleaned with a solution containing 20 g soap and 120 cm3 of ammonia water in 1000 cm3 of water. An add-on is desirable 20 cm3 of pure turpentine per liter of this solution. Wipe with the bottom first, then the top side, rinse with water, finally with diluted vinegar (50 cm3 na 1000 cm3 of water).