Glass cleaning and repair

Glass cleaning and repair
Glass, just like porcelain, can be easily cleaned, but also causes a lot of trouble during repair. The transparency of the glass makes, that most of the seams are visible.
Never place valuable glassware in the dishwasher, but wash them by hand. Place a sponge mat on the bottom of the plastic pelvis, Pour warm water with detergent and wash each item separately.
If the glass is very dirty, add a few drops of ammonia to the water.
Dehumidification should be very thorough, because moisture promotes discoloration. First, drain the excess water on the item by placing it on a dry cloth, then polish dry with a piece of lint-free cloth. Dry the inside of the dishes with a hair dryer. The glass should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

Glass cleaning
If you cannot wash glasses or glasses immediately after use, put them on their side in the water
with suds. Each piece should be washed separately with a soft washcloth mounted on a long handle, in a large basin with suds. You can use a soft old toothbrush to clean the cavities of the cut crystal. Rinse the dishes with hot water (not boiling water!), which will give them a shine and place upside down on a dryer or a clean folded cloth.
After draining the water, polish it dry with a linen cloth. Glass tops and shelves can be washed with methylated spirit.
Glass with embedded or fixed metal ornaments should not be immersed in water. Clean them with damp cotton swabs, trying to wet the metal parts.

Glass storage
It is best to store glassware in the normal position, so as not to endanger the edges, in a place free from strong odors. Lavender pouches, camphor and other fragrant items will give the glass a distracting odor. Before use, wipe glasses and glasses with a linen cloth.