Chlorine bleaches

Chlorine bleaches

Chlorine bleach can be used for white cotton fabrics, linen and synthetic. Removes stains, but it weakens the fibers, if it stays on the fabric for too long. It must not be used for bleaching wool, silk or fabrics exposed to sunlight.

Chlorine bleach must be diluted, before using it in a washing machine, and rinse bleached clothes thoroughly. Failure to follow these recommendations may result in discoloration, and even burn holes in the fabric.

Precautions: protect your hands with gloves and avoid inhaling the vapors. Never mix bleach with ammonia or cleaning agents containing ammonia, and use only in well-ventilated areas.

Note the chlorine!

Do not use metal utensils to soak fabrics and objects; porcelain dishes are suitable for this, glass, enameled or plastic.
Chlorine bleach is poisonous. Contact with skin or eyes may cause burns and irritation.
Bleach must never be mixed with any other cleaning agent, except for detergents. The combination of bleach with strong acids or bases creates deadly poisonous gases.