Chewing gum stain

Chewing gum stain

Soft rubber must be hardened, to make it easier to take it off. For this purpose, you can put the fabric in the freezer. Scrape off hardened gum, and remove the stain with vinegar, washing up liquid, etc..
Old and dry gum can be softened with peanut butter, but then a greasy stain is formed, which also needs to be lured out (see Fats and Lubricants).

The chewing gum on the carpet is hardened with ice cubes placed in a plastic bag, which is placed on the gum and left for a few minutes. The rubber will become brittle and easy to remove. Little, sticky fragments must be cut along with the fleece with nail scissors. Rubber traces are removed with carbon tetrachloride (tetra) or with a dry cleaning fluid, which is applied gently, not to come into contact with the carpet floor, especially if it is rubber or synthetic rubber.

The chewing gum is also removed from the upholstery by first hardening it with ice cubes. If a stain remains, it should be moistened with solvent and dried with napkins, until it comes down.

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