Mirroring. Kurdybans with significant brittleness and brittleness can be strengthened by doubling. However, this treatment should only be used as a last resort, when there are no other options, for duplication seriously hinders any ·

Impregnation of kurdyban

Impregnation of kurdyban. The impregnation treatment involving the introduction of strengthening agents into the object is more recommended for skins with painted decorations than not decorated., on which the emerging permanent ones will be relatively easy to see ·

Cleansing part 2

At the Ledermuseum Offenbach, the preparation ..DLM-Reinigungsemulsion No.. 3070″ being a modification of the DLM emulsion 4060. The Pracher company from Wurzburg, dealing with, among others. maintenance of the tassels is used for cleaning ·

Cleansing part 1

Cleansing. Kurdybans often require a slightly different cleaning from the top side and from the reverse. The face of the kurdyban is covered with metal flakes, colors, glazes and varnishes, containing various binders, often sensitive to ·