Candy and chocolate stains

To remove any candy remnants from the carpet, scrape them out. Then mix 1 teaspoon (5 ml) vinegar with a liter of warm water. Apply to the stain, let dry and vacuum.

Chocolate drink or chocolate should be removed from the stained surface, trying not to stick it deeper into the material. Apply a cloth with cold water to the stain or wet it on 30 minutes in enzyme powder solution. Rub the remaining traces with detergent and rub lightly.

Rinse off any dissolved residue with cold water, moisten with a dry cleaning fluid or other solvent. The rest should come off the wash without any problems.

If the fabric is not washable, the stain should be thoroughly moistened with sparkling water, so that the stain does not dry and apply a cloth with a dry cleaning liquid. If the stain doesn't come off, pour a few drops of dishwashing detergent and a few drops of ammonia on it, then scratch it off. Dry with an absorbent cloth from time to time. Rinse well in water, to remove ammonia.

The chocolate must be mechanically removed from the carpet, and apply a cloth dipped in a glass to the remaining stain (250 ml) warm water with the addition of a teaspoon (5 ml) washing powder. If the chocolate has penetrated deeply, the solution is rubbed into the fleece with a toothbrush. Apply a wet cloth and dry it for as long, until the stain fades. The last traces will disappear, if you rub a paste of borax and warm water into the fleece. Dust the area after it is dry and, if necessary, repeat the process. If the spilled drink contained milk, dry cleaning fluid may be required. Then apply the detergent solution, which is collected with a clean damp cloth.

Caution: The dry cleaning fluid should not come into contact with the rubber or synthetic backing of the carpet. If the rug is gummed, the liquid must be mixed into a paste with starch.

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