Candle crayon stain

To remove the remnants of crayon from the fabric, scrape them off first. Then, use a damp cloth to moisten the stain with detergent, rinse and dry. Stubborn stains can be removed with a dry cleaning fluid.

Traces of crayons on acrylic, cotton, not, polyester, nylon and washable wool can be removed, by placing the soiled piece of fabric between two pieces of tissue paper and pressing down with a warm iron. The tissue paper needs to be changed. Need caution, so that the stains do not smudge. If the stain does not come off, you have to pour it with a chemical cleaning solvent.

Another method of removing crayon marks is to place the stained cloth stain side down on a few paper towels. Then you need to spray it with petroleum solvent and leave it for a few minutes, then turn the fabric over, spray on the other side and wait again. Apply the detergent and rub it on the stained area, until the stain disappears. Hand wash the fabric in detergent, to remove traces of solvent. Then wash as usual.

Traces of crayons on the countertops are removed with a silicone spray.